New Jersey woman accused of drunk driving

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After being stopped by police, a New Jersey woman may be looking into her criminal defense options. It was recently reported that the 26-year-old woman was driving a vehicle north when she failed to stop at a red light. The action was allegedly witnessed by a police officer who was apparently on the look out for drunk driving while working as part of a holiday DUI enforcement team. 

The vehicle apparently continued traveling, and the driver purportedly failed to yield before making a left turn. The officer reportedly stopped the vehicle after the failure to yield. The officer apparently suspected that the driver was under the influence due to her allegedly mumbling, having bloodshot eyes, smelling of alcohol and other purported indicators. The officer then reportedly administered sobriety tests.

The driver apparently did not perform those tests to the officer’s satisfaction, and she was taken into custody. She is currently facing charges for DUI, careless driving and other allegations. At the time of the report, she had been released from custody and had an initial court appearance set. It was not mentioned whether she has obtained legal representation.

Because the New Jersey woman has been accused of drunk driving and other allegations, she may wish to determine what options she has for addressing her legal case. She may wish to consult with an experienced defense attorney who can fully explain her options to help her better understand her situation. Her attorney can also provide insight on the charges leveled against her and create a solid defense strategy.

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