New Jersey woman facing charges for driving under the influence

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When a car accident takes place, authorities may investigate whether alcohol was a potential factor. If it is believed that an individual was driving under the influence, that person could face serious charges and be taken into custody. A similar situation recently took place in New Jersey, and one woman was arrested after police purportedly believed she had been drinking.

Reports stated that the woman had been driving a vehicle north when she apparently failed to remain in the correct lane. Her vehicle crossed into the southbound lane and struck another vehicle. The first vehicle then left the roadway and came to a stop on a nearby property. A witness allegedly told police that the driver exited her vehicle and emptied a red plastic cup that had been inside her vehicle. 

Police reportedly believed the woman to have been under the influence after they smelled alcohol on her breath and purportedly noticed slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. The driver then allegedly participated in field sobriety tests, and the results of those tests apparently led to police placing her under arrest for DUI. She was later released from custody, but she has a pending court date.

In order to prepare for her court appearance, the woman may wish to gather information on what the New Jersey criminal proceedings might entail. This knowledge could allow her to better understand how charges for driving under the influence are handled and what legal options she may find most useful. In addition to learning more about the processes, she may also wish to consult with her legal counsel to discuss the particulars of her case.

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