New Jersey man accused of selling drugs in youth prison

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The consequences that could potentially come from being convicted of criminal charges depend on what types of allegations the accused individual is facing. There may be varying degrees to the charges, and the circumstances under which the charges came about could also play a role. Therefore, if an individual is accused of selling drugs, he or she may wish to find out what those specific allegations may mean legally. 

One man in New Jersey may be exploring his legal options and important information after recently being charged for drug violations. Reports stated that the man worked as a corrections officer at a youth prison. While there, the man allegedly sold drugs to inmates at the prison. It was unclear what caused the man to come under suspicion, but it was noted that he had been under investigation for nearly a year.

Presumably as a result of the investigation, the man was taken into custody. He is currently facing charges for drug possession with intent to distribute. It was not specifically noted what types of drugs the man is accused of selling. He has already made his first court appearance, and reports stated that he has been released from custody. 

As the man’s case moves forward, he may wish to find out more information regarding the charges leveled against him for allegedly selling drugs. Along with this information, he may want to better understand his legal options and how he may be able to effectively approach his situation. Information on criminal defense strategies and New Jersey court proceedings may allow him to feel more confident as he makes his decisions.

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