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Do you fall into the group that loves shopping or the group that hates it? Either way, a problematic issue in many areas that might affect your shopping experience in one way or another is shoplifting. This crime costs store owners billions of dollars every year and often winds up taking money out of your pocket as a consumer when they raise prices to cover their losses.

If a store owner or security guard accuses you of shoplifting, that will obviously also greatly impact your life. In fact, your shopping days may be over for quite some time until you resolve the situation. There are certain items that may cause you to come under the radar of store clerks, managers or security officials.

Here are the top five

It might surprise you to learn that the most frequently shoplifted products in the nation are also things most people consider staple items in their homes. The following list provides information regarding these hot ticket items:

  • Unless you’re strictly vegetarian or vegan, your home probably contains meat quite often. In fact, this may be the single most shoplifted item in stores throughout the nation. Some perceptive storeowners have installed security devices in their meat packages to deter potential shoplifters.
  • Women and men use razors every day or several times a week. The high prices of these products may have something to do with why people take them without paying.
  • Some stores keep their baby formula products under lock and key for good reason. It happens to one of the most frequently shoplifted items in the nation. If you purchased baby formula recently, you may recall that the average price per can is approximately $25. Most parents go through as many as eight to 10 cans per month. Surprisingly, those who manufacture illegal drugs often use this item to weaken the strength of heroin and/or cocaine.
  • Laptop computers are at high risk for theft according to current statistics.
  • Over-the-counter medications also rank high for items frequently shoplifted. Whether someone steals such things for personal use or for sale to others, it’s one of the top causes for economic loss for the nation’s store owners.

If you place a Smartphone, clothing or alcohol in your cart while shopping in New Jersey, you may feel all eyes upon you until you complete your purchase at the register. That might be because people steal these products often as well.

If a security guard or police officer detains you and winds up filing shoplifting charges against you, it doesn’t necessarily mean the court will hand down a conviction. An entire process must take place before a court renders any final decision. During that process, you have the opportunity to present as strong a defense as possible. Others have successfully overcome some immensely challenging situations when they relied on experienced representation in court.


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