Benefits of having your criminal records sealed

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Having a criminal record in New Jersey can be a hindrance in certain aspects of your life. It can affect what jobs you get as well as where you’re allowed to live, so having your criminal records sealed can help you get your life together. Here are a few positives of getting your criminal records sealed.

Easier to find a job

One of the biggest benefits of having your criminal records sealed is that it can increase your chances of getting employed by a reputable company. Some companies are hesitant to employ someone with a criminal record, especially if there are other candidates without criminal records. Having your criminal records sealed will help prevent employers from discriminating against you due to things that happened in your past.

Easier to find quality housing

It is common for owners of certain apartments or the landlord of a private property to do a background check before allowing you to live there. If they do a background check and find that you have criminal records, that could make them reluctant to allow you to rent their property. This could potentially mean that the only places you can live in are in unsafe areas that don’t require any background checks. Sealing your criminal records could allow you to find a safe place to live without worrying that you will get rejected due to your past criminal history.

Better chances of getting a loan

When applying it for a loan, a creditor may look back at your criminal history and deduce that they can’t trust you to pay the loan back. This can stop you from obtaining a car loan, a mortgage, financial aid for education or even a credit card. Sealing your criminal records means a creditor can’t use your criminal history against you, which will increase your chances of obtaining a loan.

There can be a lot of negative side effects of having public criminal records, so contacting a criminal law attorney to get your records sealed may lead to many benefits. It might make your life a lot easier and allow you to live without the weight of your past criminal history weighing you down.


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