Common traffic violations put points on your driving record

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New Jersey residents may want to learn more about the points that go on traffic records when citations are issued. Although you may say you drive well, often the law does not agree. In that case, you may receive a fine as well as points on your license.

According to NJMVC, there is a schedule of points that you can access online. Maybe it will be helpful before you break the law. In any case, you will learn what may happen with a particular offense.

The location of the offense as well as what it is will affect the points scored.

What happens when you are on the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway and Atlantic City Expressway?

If you move against traffic, you get two points. Improper passing allows them to place four points on your record. Unlawful use of the median strip gathers two points.

Consideration of all roads and highways

Driving a construction vehicle in excess of 45 mph will net you three points. If you operate a motorized bicycle on a restricted highway, your point total will be two. Don’t take friends for a ride on your motorized bicycle; you will get two points.

Pedestrians and crosswalks

If you fail to yield to a pedestrian who is in a crosswalk, you may be lucky to only get two points, rather than hitting that person. Passing a vehicle that is yielding to a pedestrian also costs two points. Traffic violations that involve pedestrians might have serious consequences.

What about cellphones?

You will earn three points for using a handheld cellphone or communication device while driving your car. A second offense within 10 years gets you three points, as do all offenses after that.

Speeding counts

Exceeding the limit by 1-14 mph is worth two points. Exceeding it by 15-29 mph costs four points on your license, while being 30 mph over the speed limit will crown you with five points.

Know that they can suspend your license if you have too many points. If you need help with defense for traffic violations, it may be wise to consult an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. They may help protect your license so you can continue with the privilege of driving.


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