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Absolutely a Miracle Worker

Mr. Sutnick is absolutely an amazing attorney, he saved my 18 year old son from going to jail not once but twice for the same charge. He is there for you at any hour and I can not explain to you what a relief that is for a parent. Not only is he very reasonably priced but he will work with you, which helped us tremendously. Mr. Sutnick is not only very knowledgeable about the law, he treats you like a friend not just a client which helps make a stressful time alot easier.


Got me off a DWI and refusal to take the Breathalyzer!

I am very grateful to Mr. Warren Sutnick for all the time and effort he invested to have me ACQUITTED of three summons administered during the same stop by the same police officer. I was ACQUITTED of a DUI/DWI, refusal to take an alcohol breathalyzer test and careless driving. After receiving these summons, I thought my life was over. Thankfully, I was acquitted because I had a very seasoned attorney – Mr. Warren Sutnick.

Mr. Sutnick’s compassion and personal interest in my case was not only the mark of an extraordinary attorney but of a person that truly cares. He took the time to carefully scrutinize all of the evidence, devote time and effort to identify the loop holes in my case and develop multiple litigation strategies. Then, I watched Mr. Sutnick out-lawyer the prosecutor and display incredible litigation skill that ultimately led to a victory.

Mr. Sutnick is an exceptional lawyer with an astonishing memory coupled with a vigor that threatens and disarms any lawyer that dares to sit across from him. His strong technical understanding of the law is quickly demonstrated during trials. All of these attributes reflect a seasoned and tenacious attorney but also reflect a kind person. Mr. Sutnick is worth his weight in gold!


Overall GREAT, personable, knowledgeable and determined defense attorney!

I was implicated in a criminal matter that had many possible, negative outcomes.What I loved best about Warren is that throughout the case, he was determined, honest, and such a great guy with whom to work. He could have entered a plea for me, and I would have been “ok”, but he was steadfast. He knows the law, the stakeholders, is patient, and advised me well. He tried to open as many avenues as possible to bring total solution to my case. After much patience and trial, my case was outright dismissed! I will recommend Warren to anyone needing defense counsel.


If you need a good lawyer there are many, if you want a great Lawyer call Warren Sutnick.

I did not think I would ever need a criminal defense attorney but I, as many do, found myself having to deal with a serious criminal matter in which I needed an experienced attorney.

Having previously hired Warren Sutnick to defend me in a much less serious matter as well as a traffic court matter, I had the pleasure of getting to know Warren the person.

What I learned about him is he truly is a man of integrity; he is a man who is highly respected among his peers on both sides of the judicial system as well as by the judges both in and out of the courtroom.

Warren is a highly experienced, extremely knowledgeable and reputable criminal attorney having garnered his in-depth experience working his way up to a Senior Homicide Prosecutor in the large and diverse Borough of Brooklyn New York.

Though my personal matter was NOT in any way related to a homicide, my case was a serious one none-the-less.

My case required that I had an excellent attorney in my corner, one that I could trust would do everything in his power to get me the very best possible outcome taking into consideration all the many facts, circumstances and personal feelings and that is exactly what Warren Sutnick did for me.

My case was a complex one but not for Warren, from the beginning he knew what to do and I knew no matter the outcome there was no one else I wanted as my attorney then Warren.

I made the right choice in hiring Warren Sutnick and I highly recommend him.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need a criminal defense attorney don’t stress over finding a great attorney, call Warren Sutnick and let him handle your case and you too will find you made the best possible decision and you’re in the very best hands.

You can pay much more for a criminal defense attorney but I do not believe you will have any better outcome then you will get from Warren Sutnick.

You are a good man Warren and I thank you for all your patience, understanding and help…


I recently had to go to Municipal Court with my child who got a traffic violation ticket. It never occurred to me to hire an attorney because I thought that it was no big deal. On the advice of a friend we contacted Mr. Sutnick and are so thankful that we did. He handled the whole proceeding with professionalism, exemplified by the way he interacted with the judge and prosecutor. We witnessed firsthand what happens when there is not proper representation and were thrilled by both the result and manner of Mr. Sutnick’s work. I would not hesitate to recommend him or use his services again. We avoided a possible suspension of my child’s license and further court appearances. We are completely satisfied.


I hesitated to call an attorney when my teenage son got a moving violation ticket, thinking “I don’t need an attorney for this”….but I was so glad that I did call Mr. Sutnick. He was supportive, professional and confident in the way that he represented my son and indirectly our family. What appeared to be a silly offense to me, could have been made more serious if Mr. Sutnick hadn’t represented us and handled the situation so appropriately. His interactions with the judge were sincere, professional and just downright appropriate for the given situation. Although I really hope never to need his services again, I would not hesitate to call him because I learned that even the silliest of offenses can become issues without good legal counsel. He knows his stuff and how to get things done appropriately, so not using him would be a mistake for even the smallest of violations.


In the past few years I’ve had the privilege of having Mr. Warren Sutnick represent me in many of my cases. From DUI to Criminal Defense’s (Drug possessions) Mr. Sutnick always communicated and did everything in his power to help me get the best outcome in court. He is knowledgeable, personable and will work with you in every way that he can. He is a very nice person, and we appreciate him. My wife has also used Mr. Sutnick’s services, and we wouldn’t go anywhere else when in need of services from counsel.


Exactly what you would look for in someone representing you. Responsive, trustworthy, and very versatile in terms of knowledge of the law. Most importantly he got done what he said from the beginning we were going for. Hopefully I never have to but there is no reason to look for another attorney if I ever need one again.


Warren Sutnick was absolutely the most communicative lawyer we have encountered. We were working with another law firm that was a total disappointment. But Warren turned things around in an impressionable way, always able to be reached one way or another. His professionalism, humanity and understanding were beyond what we could ever hope for. Couldn’t ask for a better firm and lawyer, the Best !!!!! Impressive skills & wonderful down to earth person to speak to as well as being tough enough to get things done quickly and efficiently. Without a doubt we would recommend Warren to anyone and he will also be the first person we would contact for any further needs !!!!!!


Laura Sutnick is wonderful. She is professional, knowledgeable, and easy to reach. She understood every aspect of my son’s criminal charges and navigated us through to a positive outcome. She explained both best and worst case scenarios, and how we should proceed. She answered phone calls and emails promptly, and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.


I would highly recommend Laura as an attorney for juvenile and illegal substance cases. She is fair, reliable and great to work with as a client. Laura goes over and above in her representation.